CUpdateChannelThread Class Reference

#include <updatethread.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CUpdateChannelThread (int channelId, bool automatic=false)
virtual ExitCode Entry ()
void OnExit ()

Static Public Member Functions

static wxString AddSlashes (const char *str)

Static Public Attributes

static int updatedChannel_ = 0
static int countAutomaticUpdating_ = 0

Detailed Description

Thread for updating channel content. Downloads RSS channel, parses it and stores new spots (if any).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CUpdateChannelThread::CUpdateChannelThread int  channelId,
bool  automatic = false


channelId Id of channel to be updated. Id is from db table "channels".
automatic True if the thread is created during automatic updating.

Member Function Documentation

wxString CUpdateChannelThread::AddSlashes const char *  str  )  [static]

Prepares string for entering to SQL query. Replaces '' with '%' and '\' with '\'.

str String to prepare.
String with all replaces done.

wxThread::ExitCode CUpdateChannelThread::Entry  )  [virtual]

Thread main function.

void CUpdateChannelThread::OnExit  ) 

Called when the thread finishes. Posts message to main GUI thread which shows info in the status bar.

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