RssChannel Class Reference

#include <rssparse.h>

Inheritance diagram for RssChannel:

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Public Member Functions

 RssChannel ()
virtual ~RssChannel ()
virtual bool IsOk ()=0
virtual void Parse (TiXmlDocument &doc)=0
void CharConvert (TiXmlDocument doc)
const char * GetTitle () const
const char * GetLink () const
const char * GetDescription () const
const char * GetLanguage () const
const char * GetPubDate () const
const std::vector< ChannelItem > & GetItems () const

Static Public Member Functions

static RssChannelDetectVersion (TiXmlDocument &doc)

Protected Attributes

std::string title_
std::string link_
std::string desc_
std::string lang_
std::string pubDate_
std::vector< ChannelItemitems_
bool isOk_


class  ChannelItem

Detailed Description

Basic abstract class for parsing RSS channels.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RssChannel::RssChannel  )  [inline]

Cstr. TODO: odstranit isOK.

virtual RssChannel::~RssChannel  )  [inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void RssChannel::CharConvert TiXmlDocument  doc  ) 

Converts the content of RSS channel to UTF-8. Must be called after Parse. It converts parsed RSS channel to UTF-8 encoding using wxWidgets character encoding methods. Acceptable input encodings are: CP-1250, ISO-8859-2, UTF-8.

doc RSS channel as TinyXML document.

RssChannel * RssChannel::DetectVersion TiXmlDocument &  doc  )  [static]

Detects RSS version of the RSS channel.

doc RSS channel as TinyXML document.
RssChannel of appropriate version or NULL (e.g: for 0.91 returns RssChannel0_91).

const char* RssChannel::GetDescription  )  const [inline]

Returns channel description.

const std::vector<ChannelItem>& RssChannel::GetItems  )  const [inline]

Returns vector of channel items.

See also:

const char* RssChannel::GetLanguage  )  const [inline]

Returns channel language.

const char* RssChannel::GetLink  )  const [inline]

Returns channel link.

const char* RssChannel::GetPubDate  )  const [inline]

Returns latest publication date of the channel.

const char* RssChannel::GetTitle  )  const [inline]

Returns channel title.

virtual bool RssChannel::IsOk  )  [pure virtual]

Is RSS channel ok.

returns true if RSS channel matches its standard.

Implemented in RssChannel0_91, and RssChannel0_92.

virtual void RssChannel::Parse TiXmlDocument &  doc  )  [pure virtual]

Parses RSS channel. Parses and stores channel items to the vector items_.

doc RSS channel as TinyXML document.

Implemented in RssChannel0_91.

Member Data Documentation

std::string RssChannel::desc_ [protected]

Channel description.

std::vector<ChannelItem> RssChannel::items_ [protected]

Channel items.

std::string RssChannel::lang_ [protected]

Channel language.

std::string RssChannel::link_ [protected]

Channel link.

std::string RssChannel::pubDate_ [protected]

Channel latest publication date.

std::string RssChannel::title_ [protected]

Channel title.

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